Astronaut fitness style, lets you preview

2017-04-19 11:38:24


God eleven lift off, the whole country boiling. As a "Tiangong-1" in space, fitness cars, "Temple No. two" in space, space treadmill fitness car R & D design and manufacture, and share the joy of Orient country. In the mysterious vastness of life in space, space for the astronauts fitness equipment will provide a strong guarantee of physical exercise, they become an indispensable part of "heaven" in life!


The research shows that a series of changes will occur in the human body under the condition of weightlessness, and the space environment will bring many adverse effects on the human body with the increase of the time of flight. If the astronauts in space for long-term work, physical exercise is essential, research shows that in weightlessness will cause space motion sickness and spatial disorientation, exercise is a good way to prevent cardiovascular dysfunction, bone demineralization, muscle atrophy and enhance the ability to work.