Technological Innovation &Leading the trend

2017-04-19 11:38:38

Drafting National Standards Leads The Development Of The Industry.


During the development stage of our business, we also participated in drafting the national standards and developing standards for the


In 1997, Orient participated in drafting the national standard---GB17498-1998 “General Requirements of Safety of Fitness Equipments”,

which is the first national standard in the fitness industry. With such experience, Orient was given overall responsibility for drafting the national standard GB 19272-2003 “General Requirements of Safety of Outdoor Fitness Equipments” in 2002. And we also attended the drafting of the other 8 national standards in 2005, such as GB/T19851-2005 Sports Equipments and Ground Equipments, Constitution Equipments and Basketball Stands of Primary and Middle Schools. In 2008 and 2010 we took part in the revision of both GB17498.1-2008 and GB19272-2011 respectively. We have been the only one to participate in the drafting of dozens of national standards of the industry till now.

For the development and system management of enterprise, we were the first to pass the ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality Management

System Certification in 1996, which promoted the quality consciousness of employees and quality of products. We then also passed ISO 14001 Certificate of Environment Management System Certification, GB/T28001 Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and SA8000 Social Accountability Certification. Our sales and cost management systems have been improved and standardized based on such certificates.

orient's products have been obtained certificates like NSCC, TUV, GB, GS, CE, EMC that help us to open the international market.