News 12-03sunday

2017-04-19 11:40:14

The Classic series is the high-end strength products newly launched by Shanxi Orient Fitness&Health Industry

Co,Ltd which targeting commercial and professional fitness clubs. The Classic series are divided into four classes:

single-station(weight stack),free strength, multi-station and auxiliary class, full range of products can satisfy the

various needs of high-end fitness club, professional physical base, fitness center of hotel etc.

Product features:

1. According to different strength needs, main frame features 150×98×4 special channel steel and high strength

racetrack tube of different specification (120×50×3120×40×397×40×3) to guarantee the high stability and

strength of products.

2. Main frame features whole welded structure and high accuracy CO manipulator automatic welding technology,

which is suit for intensive training .

3. Special pull belts, whose life period is twice of wire rope, are adopted in transmission system(tension intensity

can reach 10000N).

4. Equal torque cams are adopted in transmission moment to ensure an even resistance.

5. Soft pads are made of high density sponge and 1mm thicken leather, which is suit for intensive training.

6. Owing to its one-step molding craft, the life period of handle bar cover and roller made of polyurethane are 8

times of ordinary one.

7. All products of Classic series feature adjustment parts to meet different training needs and avoid injuries.

8. Most of the adjustment parts are marked with position, yellow bolt is easy for identification.

9. As a leading manufacture of professional fitness product,Orient has rich experience in strength products, the

newly introduced 'Classic ' series combines all the merits of our former strength products.

10. Ergonomically designed seat provides a better use experience.

11. All products of Classic series are manufactured according to GB17498 standard, products with weight stack

feature fully enclosed metal housing, comfortable and safe for use.

12. Color and style can be customized according to different customer needs.